August 30, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend

Hurricane Irene was rather uneventful, considering that the news anchors had me convinced we were all going to be blown away or crushed under falling trees if we lived anywhere within 2 states of the East Coast.

After cleaning and photographing our apartment (you know, in case we never saw it again because it was demolished by the giant trees and telephone poles in the yard), we evacuated to Mama and Papa's residence.*
(*They lack trees/telephone poles/potentially-crushing objects. Plus, as REAL adults, and parents, they are always prepared for natural disasters, whereas Jared and I own 2 tiny flashlights and that's about it...)

(We also own headlamps - see above photo - which the aforementioned-highly-prepared parent purchased for us all at Christmas. We all laughed and scoffed under the Christmas tree. But wouldn't you know that, come Sunday night, every single one of us had donned our headlamp and were wandering the pitch-dark house in style. We take it back mama! Those things are awesome!)

In the end, we were very lucky to remain pretty much unscathed by Lady Irene's wrath, aside from a few too many days of no-power.
The award for Most Traumatized goes to Pippi, who was shocked and dismayed to be packed into her tiny carrier again, schlepped to her grandhumans' house, and then kept in the neighbors' dog crate in the basement for the entire weekend (so as not to send my mom and sister into a serious allergic state).
Since returning home, Pippi runs every time Jared and I come around the corner, and hides under the bed, refusing to be taken to another strange locale. 
With power restored and a jumbo grocery shopping trip to restore our thawed/warmed and subsequently thrown-out foodstuffs, the weekend was capped off with fish tacos.


That's Sassy said...

love the head lamps! Very sassy! Those fish tacos look delicious!

Linda said...

And we LOVED having all three of you with us for the hurricane! It would almost seem that I paid the weathermen to come up with the dire stories of doom so we could have you with us for a couple of days!!!
and your headlamp looks very fetching!! And my little Grandkitty was the perfect little lady!!!