September 22, 2011

Death to Route 1

If you need to drive Route 1 on a daily basis, I would like to say - Godspeed to you.
Even if you drive Route 1 only occasionally - hell, maybe it's only once in a blue moon - still I say, Godspeed to you.

I would like that highway to burn in the fiery pits of hell.
There is nothing good about it.
Not one thing.
There is no good time to drive on it.
Even when you think it might be an improvement - when you leave the house at 7:08am - a full 30 minutes earlier than usual - to zip down and get to work early - No.
It never works.
There's an accident.
Or there's an accident on the other side of the highway, and there's a 20 minute backup because every foolish fool on the road has to slow down and rubberneck and mess up everyone's progress.
Or like last night, some of the traffic lights decide to just stop working.
I mean, who needs traffic lights anyway?
And everything is thrown into complete and utter chaos because people are trying to turn left onto Route 1 across FOUR LANES OF TRAFFIC WITHOUT A LIGHT.
There's construction. Always always always construction.
There's flooding.
There's just way too many people on the road.
And so it takes an hour and twenty minutes to go 19 miles.
One. Nine.

Godspeed commuters. I pity us all.

{photo via The Star Ledger}

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Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel any better - it can often take me one hour and twenty minutes to go 8 miles in north jersey.....ugh.....commuting