September 21, 2011


...yesterday when I was kind of freaking out because it was my first day off on the new part time schedule and it was all rainy and dreary out and I woke up and sat at the kitchen table and the cat was staring at me and I was kind of second guessing the whole shebang?

Yeah. Scratch that.

It was pretty awesome. I did a billion errands. Did not feel bored or stressed or cranky.
Still taught 2 classes in the evening so felt productive and happy and fit.

AND. The most fascinating thing is.... From wake-up until 4pm, all I ate was a bowl of oatmeal.
Yes! Ms. Hungry-Every-Ten-Minutes ate a single meal for approximately 7 hours.
Let us all take this moment to appreciate the extreme power of Boredom Eating.

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jenny d said...

Please tell me you meant to type 4pm, because I'd be worried if you were up until four in the morning.

Also, I couldn't help giggling when I misinterpreted your "Ms. Hungry-Every-Ten-Minutes ate a single meal for approximately 7 hours" by picturing you eating a bowl of oatmeal tiny bite by tiny bite for seven hours straight. :)

So glad this new schedule is giving you what you need.