September 20, 2011

A start

It's 11:44 a.m. on a Tuesday and I'm at home.
It's my first non-work day in my new 3-day a week part time schedule.

It's kind of nice. 
And it's kind of freaking me out.

It doesn't help that it's gray and drizzly and obscenely dreary outside and making me wonder oh my gosh did I do the right thing maybe I should be sitting at my cubicle right now instead of in sweats cleaning the bathroom and reading the new J.Crew catalog.
But then I look around my cozy little apartment and think Hell no. Why would I want to be in that corporate cubicle with a fluorescent sheen giving me a permanent headache and juggling work between my two computer screens (yes. two.)

I think this first week - this first 2-free-days week is going to be exploratory and errands and cleaning and a little weirdness.

But let me tell you. 
I will not miss packing a feedbag to sustain me for a 12 hour stretch.
Nor will I miss sitting in the bumper to bumper level of hell that is Route 1 at rush hour.

So I'll figure it out.
And hopefully be productive and figure things out.

And there is one poor little kitty who seems completely and totally confused by this whole scenario, and keeps trying to settle in for a nap, and then I bang a few pots around in the sink and she jumps up and comes over meowing.

We're all going to have to get used to this.

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