December 13, 2011

A bad awful day

Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day.
Crazy bad. Not crazy good.

Fortunately, despite the awfulness that started, it ended on a positive note, with a hugely successful Zumba event (over 110 exam-hazey and very-enthusiastic students) and my crowning achievement.....a 117 point word in WORDS with Friends.
Ironically, the word itself was "Crazy".
But here's what happened:

The minute I left for work it started sliding down the slipper slope of bad day-ness. I had no gas. I waited in traffic to get to the gas station. It was closed. I waited in more traffic to get to another gas station.

I got on Route 1 - the most hellish of all roadways.

One of my worst fears and constant source of paranoia became a reality when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a charming character flying up behind me and I realized ...uh, he's not going to stop... 

This charming fellow attempted to pass me on the right and then cut me off - but failed - he just didn't quite make it, resulting in him scraping up along the back of my car as he went careening past.
And then, since it's Route 1- land of stop and go traffic - he just sat there in front of me in traffic.
And I'm thinking, uh, dude, you just hit me. Are you really not going to pull over?
But no, he did not. So I continued driving behind him and called the police and read them the license plate number and then I pulled over so the police could come report the incident.

That foolish fool totally could have been caught.... if only I had been un-flustered enough to tell them we were going South on Route 1, rather than North.
Not so helpful when the police are seeking the perpetrator in the totally wrong direction.

And then I sat on the side of the road in my car and hoped I wouldn't be pummeled by a speeding truck. And I got an immediate tension head/neck headache. Shocker!
And then there was some doctor-attempting and many an insurance-call.

And then the Maybe-Perfect apartment that was supposed to start showing that day was suddenly NOT showing that day, and perhaps the current tenant wasn't even leaving, and by gosh this day is the WORST.

And then I totally did not have enough snacks.
And all day I sat crankily at my desk wondering why that pile of Christmas cookies from mama was sitting on my kitchen counter, and not on my desk, where they could quickly make their way into my mouth.

Fortunately, as I mentioned, the day did finally turn around, with a very uplifting and happy-making event at the gym where I teach, and then an epic 117-point word.

The end.

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