December 20, 2011


At the beginning of December I finally - FINALLY - joined the 21st century.
Though I will miss my Little Flip Phone That Could (seriously, that thing fearlessly texted and fell in parking lots and sometimes the back cover came off, but by gosh it was a survivor!), I am more than a little obsessed with my new ward.
And, like the rest of the blogosphere, my main fetish is Instagram.
Why does making photos square and slightly blurred seem to make everything so much more attractive?
There have been a million trillion trips into the city lately, as The Apartment Hunt reaches it's peak.
Pip continues to be a lazy lump.
Though she is very excited for Santa's imminent arrival.
She would like to point out that aside from a few recent "Rug Incidents" she has been a very good girl and has (almost) completely stopped waking her humans up at very early hours by banging her pawpaws on the bedroom door. 
We are mentally scaling down our expectations in preparation for our move to NYC.
(It should be noted that the city is a hundred times prettier when the powerful scent of pine needles masks the hot dog, subway exhaust haze.)
Apparently some people living in tiny NYC apartments manage to find space for 100 pairs of Tory Burch shoes. 
We have tried to get into the Christmas spirit by accumulating way too many cookies....
...and watching some super grainy, converted-from-VHS Sesame Street Christmas special.
(Does anyone else ONLY think of Big Bird on ice skates when they hear Feliz Navidad?)
And Pip?
Well, Pip continues to contribute nothing particularly useful to the household.

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Devon said...

Babe, we have the same iphone case :) I knew I liked you!