December 30, 2011

To Do before we move: Eat AT our Chinese Restaurant

Before you laugh....
Before you start off thinking this is the lamest To Do list in history...
Let me explain...

For us, and I'd tend to think for a large percentage of the population, Chinese food is strictly a takeout experience.
It's fast, it's easy, it's usually reasonably priced, and you're guaranteed leftovers for at least another meal or two.

I have eaten in a Chinese restaurant literally one time. I was maybe in 2nd grade. I went with my parents and grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles. There was an abundance of greasy noodles and little pots of black tea.

So. My To Do list included: Eat AT our favorite Chinese restaurant. 
I wanted that tea dammit.

When we moved into our new apartment last year, we started our search for really delicious Chinese food. Living in Middlesex County, NJ - with a really ginormous Asian demographic - we knew there had to be some really good-ass Chinese food hiding somewhere. We just had to find it.
And finally, after a couple of really disappointing attempts, we did.
Jade Dynasty, on Amboy Ave in Edison.

Everything we've had there is awesome.
It's super fresh, not greasy, and therefore shockingly does not leave me curled in a ball with an angry stomach wondering why I bothered eating Chinese food again.
No. This stuff is freaking good.
And bonus: the manager is the sweetest, happiest lady, who remembers everyone and always has a smile on her face.

On Monday night we ventured over. The ambience leaves something to be desired with a vague high school cafeteria vibe, but it's amazing how much fresher and crispier and more delicious everything is when you eat it fresh out of the pan instead of post-delivery.

We pretty much always order the same thing.
Me:  Steamed veggie dumplings + Veggie mu shu (with fried tofu)
Jared:  Won ton soup + Chicken with broccoli

It's worth it.

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