January 5, 2012

Winter boot hunt

My latest quest (because there is always. always. a quest.) is warm and super comfy non-Ugg winter boots. That must also be stylish. See? There's the kicker.

It seems if you want toasty warm shearling, Ugg kind of has a corner on that market. They are totally hoarding the sheep for their own selfish Uggy purposes.
And I don't like it.

I have a pair of Uggs and I wear them strictly for practical purposes. I'm sorry, I know they're not the most stylish - and I'm totally not rocking the teenybopper mini skirt + Uggs look - but honey, they keep your feetsies freaking warm.

Ever since I saw that Elephant feet commercial I decided that there simply must be some boot alternatives out there that would allow me to be both warm and stylish. And yet apparently not. Because only Ugg is wise enough to line the entire boot with shearling. For example, Matt Bernson, I totally love your boot, but why not go crazy and actually line the footbed with shearling - you know, the part that actually gets super cold?

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