February 22, 2012

Eat: Efe's Mediterranean Grill + Reunited with NJ Transit

Every Monday night I reverse commute back to NJ to teach 3 back to back dance/fitness classes. Everyone thought I was totally out of my mind, but I tell you, it's totally worth it. Those classes are so damn awesome that I don't even mind that teaching + commuting = 7 - yes seven - hours. I love it.
The routine is the same every week - on the way back to the train, I stop at Efe's right on Easton Ave in New Brunswick. The initial decision of what to order took a lot of careful thought - it'd have to be something that could travel well and I could eat on the train without making a disastrous mess. 
The answer: Efe's Pita (any of their cold appetizers on a pita with salad). I always do the mixed eggplant - small fried cubes in a flavorful tomato sauce; paired with the lettuce and tomato, it's perfect. When I'm feeling daring I even drizzle each bite with tahini sauce. On the train. WITHOUT MAKING A MESS. If that's not skill I don't know what is.
The pita must be accompanied by a Snapple Green Tea. It's just sweet enough to quench my parched, just-exercised-for-3-hours thirst. 

Efe's is great for a super quick, inexpensive meal. Great Mediterranean food - the falafel is also excellent.

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Linda said...

You are amazing ! never cease to amaze me thats for sure!!