February 7, 2012

Eat: 'wichcraft (61 W. 62nd at Columbus Ave)

My first "real day" as a New Yorker was last Tuesday. 
Sunday was a moving frenzy. Monday was more unpacking and settling in and a lot of me and Jared looking at each other and then looking around our new apartment and then looking at all the brownstones on our block going - "This is crazy!" Seriously. You don't even know how many times we said "This is crazy" while walking around our neighborhood.
So on Tuesday Jared headed to work and I headed to my desk to begin my stint working from home (really overrated if you ask me. How is anyone supposed to concentrate when there are dogs barking outside and construction workers yelling and pigeons gurgling and SO MANY CULINARY TREATS CALLING YOUR NAME).
So, after a disturbingly long time googling nearby restaurants to figure out what I wanted for lunch, I ended up back with what I knew I wanted all along - 'wichcraft. I've wanted to try this place for YEARS and just never made it happen. So off I went, on a really gorgeous, unseasonably warm spring-esque day.
I knew exactly what I wanted to try - the chopped chickpea sandwich with roasted red peppers, green olives, arugula and lemon slices. The bread was fresh and all of the textures and flavors worked. It was light and zesty and would be the absolute perfect sandwich to eat by a pool on a sticky, hot day.
I sat on a bench across from Lincoln Center watching turned out dancer-feet bouncing next to me.

The whole thing was perfect. Perfect.
Made only more perfect by capping it off with the first of what I know will be way too many Pinkberry trips. (It's literally at the end of my street. Gulp.)

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jenny d said...

Holy crap, does that look good!