February 1, 2012

NYC Eats: Grandaisy Bakery (176 W. 72nd Street)

Every day since the move I've spent a disturbing amount of time doing obsessive amounts of online research figuring out places I want to eat.
After reading numerous positive reviews of Grandaisy Bakery, I took a stroll on this weirdly warm day in search of lunch. 
I already knew I wanted to try the Panino Greco (chickpeas, pickled onions and carrots, arugula, and skordalia - that tasty Greek potato garlic spread). 
The bread was excellent and the veggies tasted fresh and flavorful. 
However, I was sad to learn the sandwiches are all pre-made and they can't do any special orders (aka, no onions). I would have also preferred a more generous portion of the skordalia. By the time I removed all of the offending onions, it was a very meager sandwich indeed, and I'm already trying to figure out where I want to go for 2nd lunch.
All in all, good bread, small portions, limited menu. I'd go back for a loaf of bread, but not for lunch.

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

OHMYGOLLYimissnewyorkcityfoodsobadly. Let's face it, no matter where you go, NYC is still the foodie mecca. People told me DC would have good food, but I'm struggling here.