February 8, 2012


Our first week in NYC has been a little more dramatic, and a little less adventuresome than we'd hoped. Unfortunately we've been dealing with a number of family health problems and spending way too much time in the hospital. 2012 has been absolutely bipolar. A lot of great things going on, and a whole lot of crappy stuff too. I'm hoping that once Jared gets over his current cold, we'll actually be able to go out to dinner, sip a cocktail, and venture out of our neighborhood.
(I can't tell you how much I've been dreaming of sitting at a bar with a cocktail. Is that bad? No? Oh good, I was hoping you'd say that.)
I'm also feeling a smidge lonely. I know a lot of other people would be thrilled to work from home - and it definitely has it's advantages (sleeping later, errands midday, no stinky coworker lunches or office bathrooms). But I am definitely someone who prefers to have face to face contact - to change locations throughout the day - and be overwhelmingly busy. So, the past week and a half of working from home, followed by early evenings of takeout in the apartment, is leaving me more than a little stir crazy. I know its just a phase, forced on us by the current crazy circumstances, but it's making me a bit blah. 
But, I can't complain about the view from my desk...

Here's to the rest of 2012 bringing only good things.

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