September 8, 2008

One of the only dogs in the world that I (inexplicably) like

We've already discussed my cold-hearted distaste for most of the slobbering, hairy mongrels that people feel the need to keep as pets.  The one doggie that has managed to melt my heart, much to my chagrin, is J's pit bull, Scarlet.

Please keep in mind that last year when J first informed me that his family was adopting a pit bull I was... not fond of the idea. 

(Translation:  I threw a mental tantrum and informed J that I would not be visiting his house ever again in this lifetime if there was a killer pit bull roaming about.)

And now, as a result of unknown forces beyond my control, I have developed a strange fondness for the aforementioned murderer, whose behavioral issues involve less exposed fangs, and more excessive licking of any and all exposed flesh and standing on furniture (and sometimes people) billy goat style.


Stacey Snacks said...

what a beautiful boy, how do you not love a dog?????
Everyone has a dog in Paris!

Love ya, Aunt Sta

Anonymous said...

update on K's love for Scarlet: she told someone the other night that she is "partial" to pit bulls...i am amazed