October 2, 2008

A Happy Breakfast = A Happy Girl

Well, I guess since it's 1 p.m. it doesn't really count as breakfast anymore, but as its my first meal of the day, I will refer to it as breakfast because I can.

After a very productive morning (gym, errands, scrubbed the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling - literally - there was some perplexing mold discoloration going on in the shower) I felt I deserved a hearty breakfast.  (Not I ever need an excuse for an exceptionally large meal).

Here we have:  my new favorite coping-with-the-loss-of-summer-fruit fruit salad (pears, banana, strawberries, and blueberries), toasted Wegmans 7-grain sourdough bread with butter, and tea.  

Aka Food Heaven.

(Postscript:  I decided something was missing, something important, something that could be added to make this spread that much more amazing.  And I realized that something was Havarti cheese.  So it was with the addition of a few hunks of Havarti that this really attained its "food heaven" status)

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