December 3, 2008


Because I am currently being plagued by a horrendous case of procrastination and MUST finish a freelance assignment I'm working on by this afternoon.  

I am also going to attempt to wear the pair of seemingly-worthless glasses that I got last year because staring at a computer all day at work was hurting my eyes and giving me headaches - and to appease me, the doctor wrote me a prescription for glasses that are basically non-glasses, that's how low the prescription is.  But I keep getting headaches lately, probably because I CANNOT STEP AWAY FROM THE INTERNET.  So, everyone keeps telling me if I actually WEAR the glasses on a consistent basis, they may actually become helpful and not contribute to my headaches, but alleviate them.  So I will try them.  

And I will try to do work.  This means that if I respond to any of your comments over the next three hours or so, that means I am still procrastinating, and you should really feel free, in fact you are encouraged, to chastise me.  

{Photo by World of Oddy}


CJ said...

Chastise? Um, don't even go there! I'm much too old for thoughts like that.

To be a tiny bit more serious. Yes, the Internet can be a bit addictive, can't it?

I hope you get your project done and I even hope the glasses help, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Good luck :)

Kristin T. said...

I SO know what you mean. I'm often tempted to find a place to work without an internet connection, so I'm not distracted by Twitter and FB and the like. But then, of course, I would have a tricky time sending and receiving important client pdfs and documents, and doing research. Sigh.

And speaking of glasses, I noticed at my h.s. reunion last weekend that I was the ONLY woman wearing glasses. Sigh again. Why the stigma, still?

Anyway, good luck with everything today!

JenX67 said...

After 20 years as a PR practitioner, I am now home with my kids and freelancing, and I tell you what - I *know* the pain that comes with procrastination. Reminds me of the hardest part about doing something: DOING IT. LOL!