January 22, 2009

Need Your Help!

Have you (or your significant other) ever ended a romantic relationship because you "just want to be friends"?

Please tell me about it!

If you do you might be famous! Well, you know, kinda sorta famous. But famous enough to have your brilliant words printed for billions and trillions of eyes to see! (um, please interpret "billions and trillions" lightly) And it can be anonymous! Won't this be a great way to finally vent your bitter feelings towards your ex?

Leave a comment here or email me! I'll love you forever.


Anonymous said...

Ooh how mysterious! Do I smell paid work for our favourite sassy gal?

On this subject, I think 'just being friends' is like an albino elephant: have heard wild rumours that such a beast exists, but I have never seen it myself. I therefore have my doubts; I think there will always be either
a) residual sexual tension
b) resentment on one or both sides

But I'd love to be proved wrong! It is a great sadness in my life that my previous relationships--one in particular--have not continued in friendship.

jenx67 said...

no, i'd have to say all my endings were one-sided. They wanted to be friends and I wanted to kill them. hahahahaha. But, if you need a tragic gal, i'm there for you. Ha!