June 21, 2011

Daily Commute

I want to stab Route 1 in it's pot-holed heart until it shrivels up and dies and disappears.

To Mr. out-of-state plates:
If you are in a left turn lane, that means you must turn LEFT. If you realize at the last minute you have erred, every vehicle possesses a mysterious little device called a TURN SIGNAL that will enable you to alert fellow drivers that you are about to carreen into their lane.

To the dude-who-thinks-he's-cool in the blue car:
Just a brief reminder that you, sir, are in a 3,000+ pound vehicle. Not on your couch.

To the mowers who thought it was a great idea to trim the grass along Rt 1 at rush hour on a weekday morning:
No words for you.
(at least none that would be permissible on this blog)

Driving in New Jersey - particularly anywhere in the Route 1 vicinity - will suck up your soul and spit it out in the middle of the highway and run it over. Over. And over. And over again.

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