February 21, 2012

Eat: Columbus Tavern (269 Columbus Ave)

This weekend was all about eating. 
At the end of our 3rd week here in NYC, we finally - FINALLY! - got a chance to go out to eat and really enjoy our new neighborhood. Friday night we stayed local and ended up at Columbus Tavern. Ironically, this is the only other restaurant we'd already eaten at on the UWS. We went there with our families at the end of a very long move-in day and kind of sat in a stunned, exhausted silence. I remember feeling overwhelmed and looking around going "Did we make a mistake???"  
(Update: we did not!)

Sorry for these dreary-looking photos. It was dim in there, and ye' old iphone couldn't handle the dark apparently. 

So Columbus Tavern: a great low-key neighborhood joint. They also have some killer french fries.
On move-in day I had the Cobb Salad, which was really excellent - a bit different than the standard Cobb - though also on the smaller side.
On Friday I got the veggie burger, which was eh. Could have potentially been a frozen Boca burger grilled and slapped on an English muffin. The cabbage slaw and little side salad were a nice addition though.
I also had a French 72 - a light, fizzy champagne cocktail I'd definitely go back for.
Jared got the lobster grilled cheese, which was really delish. The bread was fluffy and perfectly browned on the outside.

The perfect place to grab a burger and fries and watch the game, or grab a drink when you don't want to get gussied up.

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